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Every person is unique, and every set of circumstances varies. We charge fairly based on the individual facts, the urgency and complexity of each situation, and the anticipated time and skill required to achieve your goals. We structure fees in advance and we will quote a fixed fee based on full-service, which will be paid in instalments. We want you to be absolutely certain in advance of the actual costs involved, with the assurance of all the personal attention you need for your individual case.

Flexible fee structure

  • We deliver value for money;
  • We understand that our clients work within budgets and we assist them with managing their legal costs;
  • We are open, transparent and forward in notifying and detailing costs to be incurred and justifying the level of fee; We ensure work is undertaken by the person best suited to the task, taking account of the level of experience, the complexity of the work, and cost-efficiency.

As part of our service we offer

  • Unlimited consultations throughout your matter;
  • Telephone/Skype consultations where required;
  • Application Checking Service (Review Service); and
  • Full Application Service – preparation, lodgement and monitoring service.


Our efficient and streamlined service aims to ensure no unnecessary costs are incurred. We discuss fee structures with each client at the time of instruction and can agree fixed fees where appropriate. Alternatively, our fees can be charged on an hourly basis.


Disbursements such as application lodgement fees, counsels fees, courier charges, police and health checks and other expenses are charged as additional items. Whilst we do not usually charge for nominal photocopying, we may charge for bulk copying.


GST is charged in addition to our hourly rates or set fees, where applicable.

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We let our clients do the talking..

Thanks for your help with this... I really appreciate it. The entire team at Emerson Migration Law have been very supportive and professional.Thank-you once again.


I appreciated both the professional and the human side you have shown in these days, the prompt communications, your attitude keeping the volume down, your full concentration in listening in detail to what I had to say, your honesty in advising me in order to simplify things. On one side your personality is reflected in the staff of Emerson Migration Law, on the other, you have chosen people with the same moral principles.


Your advice was always candid and in good faith… Without your assistance, I do not believe I would have reached closure with this matter as quickly as I have. I have nothing but admiration for your persistence in pursuing my best interests despite constant setbacks and obstacles.. I would not hesitate to recommend your services to others in need of assistance….


I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and the whole team for your support throughout my case. I wish you all the very best and please be assured of future referrals and positive feedback about your approach, leadership, focus and integrity. It was these qualities and more that really made the difference during some exceptionally challenging times.