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Emerson Migration Law is a boutique migration consultancy firm recognised as one of the foremost immigration practices in Australia.

Founded by Aishwarya Somal, our staff are all qualified solicitors and registered with the Migration Agents Registration Authority. They provide specialist advice on all aspects of immigration to Australia for both individual and corporate clients, covering the full range of applications to enter or remain in Australia and all applications under the point based-system. They are highly trained in the relevant immigration legislation and experienced in managing a wide range of visa applications.

With a commitment to the needs of our clients in Australia and internationally, we ensure optimal outcomes for all our clients, no matter their immigration journey. Australian Immigration Law is a fast-paced, ever changing area of the law. With an increasingly complex myriad of rules being introduced by the Australian Government on a routine basis, it is imperative to seek expert advice to ensure optimal outcomes.

Getting it right can reap rich rewards but the risks of getting it wrong are significant.


Application Preparation Service

Emerson Migration Law will assume a case management function and will monitor all aspects of your case from the initial preparation of your file, lodgement right the way through to the grant of your Visa.



There are a variety of reasons for which Visas may be cancelled or refused. Emerson Family Law can assist with appeals to the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (formerly MRT).


Australian Citizenship

The Australian government encourages permanent residents of Australia to apply for Australian Citizenship when they become eligible.


Business & Investment Visas

This is a temporary visa for successful business innovators and investors who intend to invest or enter into business in Australia and contribute to the growth of the Australian economy.


Employer Sponsored Migration

If you are an Australian business operating in Australia who would like to employ an overseas worker either short term or long term or fill a position we can provide strategic advice to assist you in a successful outcome.


Family Visas

Emerson Migration Law provides family visa service.


Partner Visas

If you are in a relationship with an Australian citizen or a Permanent Resident, you may be eligible. These visas allow spouses or those in de facto relationships with Australian Citizens, Permanent Residents or eligible New Zealand citizens to travel to and/or remain in Australia.


Student Visas

Emerson Migration Law will discuss your long term immigration desired outcomes and will be able to suggest the most appropriate Visa type for your circumstances.

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Emerson Family Law

Emerson Family Law is a boutique family and criminal law firm in Brisbane, specialising in all aspects of separation,divorce and all criminal and traffic areas of law.